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Welcome to Notably Proficient Music. We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of services including production, recording, mixing, and DJ services. We also offer multi-media services such as web design, video production and general studio consulting. Please visit our bio page to learn more about how we got here. To contact us click here for more information. 

         Newborn Liner Notes:

1. Oktoberfresh

Oktoberfresh was produced while Trent Spears was remodeling a home in northeast Austin, Texas for a friend's mother. This song was recorded around the same time that the album cover photos were being taken by Amy Toney for A. Toney Photography. Incorporating the sounds of the baby crying, and a vocal intro by his two daughters, this track was deemed worthy of being the album intro.

2. Documentation

This song was written and produced 8 days before the birth of the young lad on the album cover. The title "Documentation" relates to all of the paperwork that was being filled out for the hospital stay, and the changes that were to come in the next few weeks.

3. Your Mother (Interlude)

​​Your Mother is a simple, soothing interlude written and produced by Trent Spears on Mother's Day. With the addition of the new baby to his family, he created this to pay homage to his wife, and mother of his child. Melodic guitar riffs coupled with subtle sonic goodies transformed this into a nice transition piece.

4. Real Lives

​As the holiday season approached just a few months after the birth of his child, Trent was becoming increasingly frustrated with many of the lyrical content in today's hip hop market. Bragging about jewelry, alcohol and drug consumption were not things that fit the mold of this album. The title "Real Lives" is a testament to musicians who simply write and create songs about everyday experiences, like putting in a new carseat, or taking a trip to the grocery store.

5.Hold It Together

​During the production of this album, Trent Spears professionally known as DJ Supreme sadly lost his father in law Mr. Van Jackson after a brief but very severe illness. The magnitude of his death was extremely trying on the entire family as Mr. Jackson was only able to have a few encounters with his new grandson. In difficult times humans have only one option..."Hold It Together".

6. IPA (Interlude)

The title of this interlude was inspired by beer and beer alone. India Pale Ale is definitely a  favorite.​

7. The State

The State refers to the current condition of the world. It's not a location. It's a report card.

8. ASR-10 Mode

ASR-10 Mode was made using the first sampling keyboard ever purchased by Notably Proficient Music. The Ensoniq ASR-10 is a staple in hip hop music producing circles. Having used this board as a midi trigger for years, DJ Supreme decided to revert to his roots in production. Before computers, Serato, or plug-ins there was one work horse of a machine that has produced many hip hop classics.

9. Right Next Door

​Right Next Door refers the house next door to Note Pro Studios (where this album was made) that came up for sale after 40 years during production. Trent Spears took a break from working on the project to attempt to purchase the adjacent property for expansion of the studio and his home. After a long bidding war, it became clear that it was not financially feasible and he would have to be happy with acquiring some really cool neighbors. This song however was the end result of the process.

10. Bob Sausage

Pregnancy Cravings: If you are from Texas there is no doubt that you have eaten at Whataburger. When you pull up to the drive thru, and say "Bob Sausage with cheese" you will get a Breakfast On a Bun. Guess what was the usual order of the day from the pregnant wife.

11. Medium Crunch (Outerlude)

Medium Crunch is another short interlude on the album produced with three different guitars. The Epiphone Les Paul, the Gibson Les Paul, and a 1984 model Sears child electric guitar. This song is labeled an "outerlude" because it takes the album into its final movement.

12. ATX This Day

The last song on the Newborn album is entitled "ATX This Day". It is a tribute to Austin, Texas and the Live Music Capitol of the World spirit that it embodies. Upright bass, keyboards, scratches and grit are the hallmarks of this song. In the very last break of the song, there is a guest appearance by Sean "P. Diddy" Combs that came from a conversation with DJ Supreme in Austin, Texas. Diddy was very candid about balancing music, with family life, something that he is an expert at. This conversation was actually the inspiration for taking on an album project and a "new baby" project simultaneously.